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    Ferdy Remijn: The arrival

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    Notebooks Covered In Embroidered Anatomy, Holograms, And Floral Patterns byFabulous Cat

    FabulousCatPapers aka Chara on Etsy

    There’s quite a quirky and creative shop on Etsy called Fabulous Cat Papers that has a wide range of beautiful handmade notebooks with intricate embroidery. Chara, the Athens-based creator behind the shop, uses unconventional images to breathe life into her embroidery: from blood vessels, skulls and holograms to webs, carcasses, and mathematical formulas.


    Humo by Studio NOCC

    Making the mundane poetic, Studio NOCC has introduced the Humo ashtray, which contains smoke in addition to ash that it is originally mean for.  It resembles a glass bulb or a clear, featureless skull.

    An opening on one side allows the user to actually rest his cigar or cigarette on the wall of the ashtray itself. The smoke issued is instantly captured, turning any pollutive by-product into an image at least as poetic as the issuing cigarette.

    The dynamism of the smoke within complements the gentle curvature of the ashtray. The French Studio NOCC is the brainchild of Juan Pablo Naranjo and Jean-Christophe Orthlieb , who are intent on not taking any object or prosaic tool for granted.


    Elisa Ancori Illustrations

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    Faces (series of self-portraits)  by diana chyrzyńska

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    Julien Douvier: Animated gifs


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    Based in France, photographer Julien Douvier offers us here a magnificent series of animated GIF, where he focused on a specific item. This element, such as a person, a drop or a bird will be moving in a completely static environment. A poetic vision that make us understand how these little details are beautiful to contemplate.


    I miss interacting with THAT human being. That perfect being. That excited, lovable, really magnificent spirit. I miss him. I miss my son. Everyday-a little bit more but I thank God every day for every second that he was here. I don’t want to ask for too much, to ask for more than I was supposed to have. I thank God for everyday of those 25 years. -Afeni Shakur

    Tupac Amaru Shakur 1971-1996

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